Feedback from COP23: "we are still in"

SEMINAR! 21/11/2017 from 12:30 to 2:00pm

COP23 was marked by coalitions and voluntary initiatives. What progress on the rules of the Paris Agreement? What should be the next steps and priorities for the coming months? An assessment of these 2 weeks of negotiations with Teresa Ribera and the Climate IDDRI team.
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Taking action against "imported" tropical deforestation in the EU

PUBLICATION !Issue Briefs, n°08/2017

This paper proposes a historical and quantitative perspective on the imported deforestation issue in order to better understand the exact nature of European responsibilities. It also suggests possible actions to solve the issue of imported deforestation in the European more

Coal transitions in China's power sector

PUBLICATION! Studies n°12/2017

AStudies of the Coal Transition research project focusing on a national case study: Coal transitions in China’s power sector. This paper addresses the potential economic retirement schedule of Chinese coal-fired power more

SDGs: an implementation roadmap for France

PUBLICATION! Policy Briefs n°11/2017

This paper emphasizes the importance of the SDGs and their opportunities to improve policymaking. It also suggests a set of recommandations for the implementation of SDGs in France.
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Ambition in the context of the 2018 Facilitative Dialogue

PUBLICATION! Policy Briefs n°12/2017

2018 will mark the start of a new period that must pave the way for more ambitious climate action over the next decade. The Facilitative Dialogue (FD'18) will be the first step. This paper advocates adopting a broader lens to achieve the profound low-carbon transformation agreed upon Paris.
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