JUNE 8, 2015: World Ocean Day

This special day organised by UNESCO, in which IDDRI participates actively, gives the opportunity to raise awareness on the impacts of human actions on the ocean, and to mobilize behind a project of sustainable global ocean management.read more

Oceans acidification: impacts on ecosytems and human activities

IDDRI just released two studies on observed and projected impacts of oceans warming and acidification on marine ecosystems and human coastal activities. Both papers review existing scientific knowledge published following IPCC's AR5 in 2013.read more

Building the Future We Want

While sustainable development goals (SDGs) are being laid out and a new development cooperation framework is being crafted, the 2015 edition of A Planet for Life shed light on what key countries and regions are doing to achieve sustainable development. It explores implementation and financing issues and assesses the extent to which economies and societies are being transformed towards a more sustainable development.read more

Fuel poverty and the data challenge

Two IDDRI publications examine fuel poverty policies in terms of the data mobilised by operators in the different phases of these policies. How are operators and tools for reducing fuel poverty structured in France? What are the specific challenges for the data concerned? And what can be learned from these policies for the governance of the ecological transition?read more
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