Conference "Sustainable Development 2.0 "

"Can digital technologies fuel the ecological transition?"

June 23, 2016 - 9h00 / 17h00 – Paris

A digital revolution is transforming our societies and economies. Is this the beginning of sustainable development 2.0? What role can public authorities play?
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2016 International Conference: Background Notes available

>> Read the background notes of the 2016 international conference's issuesread more

Read IDDRI's last articles on the blog :

- IPBES politically relevant? Let's try! // de Y. Laurans, A. Rankovic, R. Lapeyre

- Development assistance and food security // Pierre-Marie Aubert

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IDDRI is recruiting a Research Fellow to join the Climate team

The researcher will working on the following issue: "Implementing the Paris Agreement: Linking National Policy Processes and International Governance"

Candidature should be sent by 31 May 2016read more

April 2016 Publications: Read last available papers

In particular:
- Cadre de redevabilité et potentiel transformationnel d’une initiative multi-acteurs : le cas du 4 ‰ // P. Aubert, R. Ruat, A. Rankovic, S. Treyer [French]

- Comment les États entendent « compter sur la nature » pour leurs stratégies climat// Y. Laurans ; R. Ruat; P. Barthélémy [French]read more
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