Release of the German 2015 deep decarbonization report

The Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project (DDPP) German team, from Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and Energy, releases its 2015 report, published by IDDRI, SDSN and Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment and more

Taking income inequality reduction seriously: a pass-or-fail test for the Sustainable Development Goals

This Issue Brief assesses the trnaformative capacity of Sustainable Development Goals, through the analysis of Target 10.1 which reads: “By 2030, progressively achieve and sustain income growth of the bottom 40% of the population at a rate higher than the national average.”read more

Article in Science on impacts of CO2 emissions on oceans

The Oceans 2015 Initiative has published a paper in Science evaluating and comparing the risks of impacts on marine and coastal ecosystems and the goods and services they provide under two potential CO2 emissions pathways over this more

Regular Review and Rounds of Collective Action and National Contributions the 2015 Climate Agreement: A Proposal

IDDRI and NCSC publish a joint ‘think tank level thought experiment’ on how to ensure the dynamism and durability of cooperation under the Climate Convention and the 2015 more

IDDRI is seeking to recruit a Research Fellow, Energy-Climate Programme

La tâche principale du/de la chercheur(e) – sous la supervision du coordinateur du programme – sera de mener des projets de recherche-action mêlant analyse des enjeux et intervention auprès des dé more
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