Seminary! SGDs, a challenge for France?

Tuesday 24 January 2017 - 12:h30 / 14:00

A session of Seminar "Développement durable et économie de l'environnement"

With Damien Demailly and Julie Vaillé of more

Teresa Ribera appointed Board member of the Stockholm Environment Institute

Teresa Ribera was appointed by the Swedish Government as a member of the Board of the SEI, chaired by Kerstin Niblaeus. "I am very honored by this appointment. SEI is a high quality research organization, with which IDDRI shares a lot in terms of vision of the challenges to be overcome to implement sustainable development", says T.R.

Want sustainable urban development? It’s time for Local Agenda 2030

An op-ed by Teresa Ribera 5 January 2017, with Citiscope.
"We're hearing more and more about cities and their roles in sustainability. But amidst that rising discussion, how can we build opportunities to ensure some real success for sustainable development in an urban world?" ©Arnont108/Shutterstockread more

Implementing SDGs

An assessment of voluntary national reviews submitted to the High Level Political Forum

By Laura Brimontread more
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