2016 International Conference:

>> See publications and videos of the event !

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Conference "Sustainable Development 2.0 ": Publications available online !

The publications of the conference "Can digital technologies fuel the ecological transition?" (Collaborative mobility, PICO, crowdsourcing) are available on line!

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Read IDDRI's last articles on the blog :

- Adaptation: the other success of COP21 // Alexandre Magnan

- Urban crowdsourcing: Does digital technology provide the sustainable city?// M.  Saujot, T. de Feraudy

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"Blue Ocean", awarded at the Deauville Green Awards !

We are pleased to announce that the Film "Blue Ocean" won the Golden Green Award !
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Agricultural Transformation Pathways Initiative - 2016 Reports

2016 Synthesis report and Summary are available !

This global synthesis report depicts transformational pathways for the pilot countries’ agriculture and food sectors - China, UK, Uruguay.
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