Publication Nature: Protect the neglected half or our planet!

An ambitious agreement for the high seas is crucial for the conservation of marine ecosystems. A new treaty will encompass almost half the planet's surface.

An article by G. Wright, J. Rochette, K. Gjerde, L.A. Levin.

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The ACP-EU Partnership Agreement after 2020: what to expect?

PUBLICATION! Issue Briefs n°03/2018

The ACP-EU Partnership Agreement, signed in Cotonou, comes to an end in 2020. What should come next?
Read our latest publication on the issue by T. Voituriez, J. Vaillé, H. Vanvolsem & J. Bossuyt!read more

Protecting vulnerable marine areas from oil & gas activities


On 4 January 2018, the United States announced the opening of almost 90 % of its waters to oil and gas drilling. But is offshore drilling essential to meet the world’s energy needs? Some answers in our blog post by R. Schumm, J. Rochette & L. Chabason!  read more

Is new mobility ecological?

OP-ED, Libération, 30 January 2018

Innovation opens up new opportunities and risks for the ecological transition. Can innovation meet the challenges of sustainable mobility? An op-ed by Mathieu Saujot (Iddri) et Thierry Marcou (Fing)

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Agricultural insurances

SEMINAR! Tuesday, March 6,2018 from 12:30 to 14:00

Should insurance instruments in Europe be a tool among a wider range of risk management systems, or should they become the core of the system? In the context of the preparation for the reform of the post-2020 CAP, this question of the role to be expected or to be given to insurance tools is back on the political agenda. With J. -C. Debars, W. Loveluck, P. -M. Aubert.
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