Land degradation, urban sprawl and the biodiversity: natural and economic dynamics in the Paris region

Seminary! 21 February 2017 - 12:30 à 14:00

WithMarc Barra, Natureparif, Alice Colsaet,Junior Researcher, IDDRI, Yann Laurans,Director of Biodiversity Programme, IDDRIread more

Teresa Ribera appointed Board member of the Stockholm Environment Institute

Teresa Ribera was appointed by the Swedish Government as a member of the Board of the SEI, chaired by Kerstin Niblaeus. "I am very honored by this appointment. SEI is a high quality research organization, with which IDDRI shares a lot in terms of vision of the challenges to be overcome to implement sustainable development", says T.R.

Implementing the “4 per 1000” initiative:

contribution for the establishment of a reference/ normative framework 

by Pierre-Marie Aubert, Sébastien Treyer (IDDRI), Anne-Laure Sablé (CCFD-Terre Solidaire), Frédéric Apollin & Bertrand Mathieu (AVSF), Laurent Levard (GRET), Patrice Burger (CARI), Sylvain Berton (AgriSud)read more
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