To mobilise finance, let’s strengthen research and innovation!

In the framework of the 12.12 One Planet Summit, participants in the seminar "Research and Innovation: cooperation for finance mobilization" release a DECLARATION [in English] aiming at mobilizing finance towards a resilient and low-carbon development.
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Climate finance needs a shared vision to entice investors



Photo © REUTERS-Ivan Alvarado

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SDGs: an ideal starting point to launch the debate on the UE's futur!

OP-ED! Euractiv 30/11/2017

The European member states have already adopted a common vision, but it needs to be translated into concrete political priorities. SDGs is an opportunity to lead progress on the most pressing European debate debate on the future of Europe. An Op-Ed by D. Demailly and C. more

Importance of retailers in agro-food chains

EVENT! 12/12/2017 from 12:30 to 2:00 pm.

What are the impacts of the dominance of large-scale food distribution giants on agricultural supply chains? What are the potential pathways going forward? Taking the banana value chain as an example explain, this seminar will explain the links between the way the global value chain is currently structured and the impacts in producing countries.
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Taking action against "imported" tropical deforestation in the EU

PUBLICATION !Issue Briefs, n°08/2017

This paper proposes a historical and quantitative perspective on the imported deforestation issue in order to better understand the exact nature of European responsibilities. It also suggests possible actions to solve the issue of imported deforestation in the European more
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