Careers at IDDRI


IDDRI is recruiting!

Research fellow, public policies and transitions in European agrifood systems

He (She) will be responsible more specifically for analysing three of the five drivers identified, namely:

  1. the structure and governance of agri-food and agroindustrial production chains;
  2. arrangements for the financing and financialisation of European agriculture;
  3. and the public policies that affect agricultural practices 

In coordination with the whole team, the research fellow will contribute on this basis to the development of the different ongoing and upcoming prospective exercises.

Both the analysis of drivers and the development of scenarios will be largely based on an analysis of the literature and of existing statistics as well as on interviews with key actors in the system.

Finally, the research fellow will be responsible for some of the action and communication operations for the initiative, and in particular

  • coordination of the national steering committee, made up of key representatives of the agricultural and agri-food sector;
  • interaction with national and European public policy actors;
  • and national civil society platforms in the five targeted member states.

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IDDRI is opening a new position for the Director of the Climate Change Agenda!

The Director of the Climate Change Agenda will be in charge of contributing to IDDRI’s strategic orientations, developing and coordinating the implementation of the Climate Change Agenda’s programme of work within the framework of the five year strategic plan, and representing IDDRI in both policymaking and scientific forums and networks at the national and international level.

The Director will work under the supervision of the Director of Programmes, in charge of coordinating the annual action plans, and in close cooperation with the Coordinator of the Strategic Action Programmes, Scientific Director and the Communication and Development Director.

Moreover, the Director will also be responsible for coordination and interaction with IDDRI’s other Agenda Directors (biodiversity, governance and oceans) and the Directors of the Strategic Action Programmes and their respective teams. She/he will also be in charge of ensuring the effective integration of the climate change issue across IDDRI’s overall strategy. 


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