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IDDRI is recruiting!

IDDRI is looking for a Researcher on sustainability of agro-food commodities 

Projects for which Iddri is hiring a researcher 

The researcher will contribute to a project on the cocoa market and the sustainability of the territories in West Africa and in other Anglophone as well as Francophone countries. The aim is to analyze how the organization and governance of the vertical cocoa value chain affect agricultural production patterns and the management of biodiversity and natural resources in the selected territories.

Besides, the activities to which the researcher could contribute, depending on her / his profile and on the evolution of the projects, also concern the palm oil sector, tuna, and more generally the European agricultural value chains. 

Job description

She / he will contribute to:

  • bibliographic surveys of sectors and markets; selection and preparation of fieldwork and of data collection;

  • field data collection campaigns; history, technical-economic structure and governance of value chains in the countries studied and analysis of the impact on territorial sustainability; links between territorial dynamics in production areas and the role of local territorial institutions; influence of public policies and "private" regulations;

  • elaborating operational recommendations for the intervention strategies of the economic players and the regulations within the sectors;

  • identifying implications of the results obtained in terms of recommendations for the public policies of importing as well as producer countries and the development policy;

  • scientific and operational outreach, through publications in different collections (Iddri, peer-reviewed scientific journals, reports...), and in public interventions. 


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IDDRI is opening a new position for the Director of the Climate Change Agenda !

The Director of the Climate Change Agenda will be in charge of contributing to IDDRI’s strategic orientations, developing and coordinating the implementation of the Climate Change Agenda’s programme of work within the framework of the five year strategic plan, and representing IDDRI in both policymaking and scientific forums and networks at the national and international level.

The Director will work under the supervision of the Director of Programmes, in charge of coordinating the annual action plans, and in close cooperation with the Coordinator of the Strategic Action Programmes, Scientific Director and the Communication and Development Director.

Moreover, the Director will also be responsible for coordination and interaction with IDDRI’s other Agenda Directors (biodiversity, governance and oceans) and the Directors of the Strategic Action Programmes and their respective teams. She/he will also be in charge of ensuring the effective integration of the climate change issue across IDDRI’s overall strategy. 


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