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  • Nicolas Berghmans Nicolas Berghmans est chercheur en politiques climatiques et énergétiques à l'Iddri, avec une spécialisation sur le secteur électrique  …

First monitoring committee for the project “Optimising the energy transition for the French electric power system by 2030, within its interconnected environment”

06th of September 2016, Paris

Agora Energiewende and IDDRI have launched a new project on the transformation of the French electric power system by 2030, in compliance with national renewable energy development targets, and within its interconnected environment, especially with Germany.

In this context, IDDRI and Agora Energiewende are setting up a monitoring committee in France, which will act as a platform for consultation and scientific discussions, in order to accompany the development of a technical-economic study commissioned by Agora Energiewende to the company Artelys. The goal of this study will be to examine in detail the interactions between the development of renewable energy and conventional power generation by 2030. Special attention will be given to the dynamics of cross-border exchanges, especially between France and Germany.

Made up of 12 experts, the committee will meet on three occasions during the project development phase, over the September 2016 - February 2017 period. Consultations will also be conducted simultaneously in Germany.

This research will help to inform the debate, on both sides of the Rhine, on the transformation of interconnected electric power systems faced with the development of renewable energy.