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By invitation
  • Yann Laurans Yann Laurans développe les activités de l’Iddri dans le domaine de la biodiversité. Il s’intéresse en particulier aux  …
  • Aleksandar Rankovic Diplômé en sciences et politiques environnementales, Aleksandar Rankovic est titulaire d’une licence en sciences de la vie  …

Atelier d'experts // The works of and on IPBES:  What research for what intervention?

27th of June 2016, Cambridge (Royaume-Uni)

Un atelier d'experts co-organisé par l'Iddri et le CSaP (Center for science and policy) de l'Université de Cambridge, avec une intervention de Yann Laurans et Aleksandar Rankovic.

Présentation (en anglais) :

The Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) recently released its first assessments. How these first works will influence debates on biodiversity policies, and potentially support their implementation, will now be a point of attention for the conservation community, as foreshadowed by recent discussions in Nature on the disciplinary imbalance in IPBES. Furthermore, despite its young age, IPBES has already been the object of a relatively important number of works. IPBES has been studied in terms of its history, its legal framework, its role within biodiversity politics and policies and the potential impact the platform might have on biodiversity knowledge production. However, how these works wish to intervene on IPBES itself is often not explicit, and is rarely the topic of collective discussions.

This workshop wishes to address the questions of (i) the different types of interventions on biodiversity policies that IPBES is explicitly and implicitly pursuing and (ii) the interventions on IPBES that are pursued, even implicitly, by researchers who study it. Overall, the goal of the workshop will be to identify how, in the near future, new research developments on IPBES could influence how IPBES itself is intervening on biodiversity policies.