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  • Maria Fernanda Espinosa Maria Fernanda Espinosa est ministre des Relations extérieures et de la Mobilité humaine de la République de l'Equateur.   …
  • Teresa Ribera Teresa Ribera est directrice de l'Iddri, (Institut du Développement Durable et des Relations Internationales), institut de recherche  …

Human rights: a proposal from Ecuador and South Africa

26th of September 2017, paris (France)

From 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm - Room Erignac - 13, rue de l'Université Paris 7e

The Embassy of Ecuador in France, IDDRI and the Observatoire politique de l’Amérique latine et des Caraïbes (OPALC - Political Observatory of Latin America and the Carribean) organize a conference with Maria Fernanda Espinosa, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility of the Republic of Ecuador.

Introduction and facilitation: Teresa Ribera, Director, IDDRI

In 2013, Ecuador and South Africa presented a project for the development of a binding international instrument to regulate corporate activity with respect to human rights. This process, which is complementary to efforts aimed at strengthening national legal frameworks and at guaranteeing fundamental human rights, could be a crucial step towards greater international justice.

Globalisation, climate change, inadequate access to natural resources and difficulties obtaining redress when certain human rights are not respected all increase the need for a regulatory framework to ensure international justice. The question of growing vulnerabilities in the future and the international response required is a key challenge for the coming decades.

Prior to the 3rd session of the United Nations Human Rights Council Working Group, which will be held in October to examine the first proposal to draft the treaty, Maria Fernanda Espinosa, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility and Chair of the Working Group, will come to France to present the initiative by Ecuador and South Africa.

The conference will be held in French.

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