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  • Lucas Chancel Lucas Chancel est chercheur senior à l'Iddri, où il mène des travaux sur la dimension sociale de la transition  …

Is Equality Better for Everyone?

18th of October 2013, Paris (France)

A conference debate held at Sciences Po from 10:15am to 12:15pm

Economic inequalities have been growing for several decades in most OECD countries. And the financial crisis of 2008 has accentuated this trend. However, besides income levels, the degree of equality of societies appears to be tightly correlated to countries’ performances in terms of health, education, security… This theory is supported by British researchers Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett in their book entitlted The Spirit Level: Why is Equality (Almost Always) Better for Everyone, published in more than 20 different languages.

As Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett’s book is being released in its French version (Pourquoi l’égalité est meilleure pour tous, Les Petits Matins), with a foreword by Pascal Canfin, Minister Delegate for Development, The Institut Veblen, IDDRI and Sciences Po’s Sustainable Development Centre organize a conference with:

  • Pascal Canfin, Minister Delegate for Development (France)
  • Richard Wilkinson, Emeritus Professor, University of Nottingham (United Kingdom)

Conference moderated by Philippe Frémeaux, chairman (Institut Veblen).

Introduction by Lucas Chancel, Research Fellow, Growth and Prosperity (IDDRI).   

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