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"Climatic challenge and 'green growth': what 'paradigm shift'?"

13th of October 2011, Paris

Une intervention de Laurence Tubiana et Emmanuel Guérin dans le cadre du Third Researchers Meeting of the International Research Network for Low-Carbon Societies, "Transition towards low carbon societies in a changing world - Science, Policy and Society for Low Carbon Development Pathways".

Présentation de la conférence [en anglais] :

"International negotiations on climate policies for beyond 2012 seem to take place in an untimely context: financial crisis since 2008, new challenges for world economic globalization in a context of rise of emerging countries, tensions on oil markets. At the same moment, postponing climate policies is dangerous because emerging economies will build the bulk of their infrastructures in the two or three following decades, embarking thus in a bifurcation towards carbon intensive development paths.

Twenty years after the Rio process, this context explains the urgency of the « paradigm shift » of climate policies demanded by the Cancun declaration. The primary objective of the workshop is thus to examine how, instead of being framed in terms of burden sharing, these policies should be designed so as to “offer substantial opportunities and ensure continued high growth and sustainable development”.

Interventions :

- Emmanuel Guérin est rapporteur de la session 1 ("What international arrangements to leverage domestic climate policies?") de la session parallèle 1.2.

- Laurence Tubiana intervient lors de la table ronde 1.3., "Visions of Durban (visions of experts)".

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