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  • Pierre-Marie Aubert Pierre-Marie Aubert a rejoint le programme Agriculture et Alimentation de l'Iddri en janvier 2015, pour travailler sur les  …

How can security of supply and resilience with smallholders be strengthened?

22nd of March 2016, Londres (Royaume-Uni)

An intervention of Pierre-Marie Aubert in a panel for the site Strategic approaches to smallholder development: beyond Compliance", as part of the conference "Sustainability for smallholders. How to build supply security and resilience with smallholder farmers".



This multi-stakeholder conference will address the major risks for smallholder farmers across agricultural sectors, and focus on how to create scalable solutions to tackle future supply chain vulnerabilities. The agenda is structured to provide high-level insight and practical, actionable guidance for the development of programmes that will boost the resilience of smallholders.