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  • Laure Criqui Laure Criqui est spécialiste en développement urbain international. Elle travaille à l'Iddri depuis 2016 sur les enjeux et  …

Right to the city - With: Laure Criqui

15th of February 2018, Poitiers (France)

At 6:30 pm at Sciences Po, Euro-Latin American campus of Poitiers

An intervention by Laure Criqui on the occasion of this conference on the theme of the "Right to the City" and on the inclusion of populations in underprivileged neighbourhoods, organised by volunteers of the association TECHO.


The general theme of the conference is social integration and the fight against poverty in urban areas. Ideas for reflection will be provided on the basis of TECHO's concrete actions, the decisions taken at Habitat III level and the 2030 agenda. Experts on the theme of urban planning and sustainable development, and from Latin America, will bring their point of view on the subject. Translated with