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By invitation
  • Teresa Ribera Teresa Ribera est directrice de l'Iddri, (Institut du Développement Durable et des Relations Internationales), institut de recherche  …

Energy Technology and Policy Post COP 21 // Intervention de Teresa Ribera

14th of June 2016, Paris

Une intervention de Teresa Ribera, lors de cet atelier organsié par l'IEA (International Energy Agency). Teresa Ribera participe au panel intitulé "Setting the Scene: Implementation of Paris Agreement".

Présentation (en anglais) :

The main objective of the 2016 workshop is to provide an opportunity for SLT and CERT delegates to jointly examine the role that the IEA should play in the post COP 21 world. The primary focus is on the role of the IEA in supporting the implementation of the energy sector-associated issues of the Paris Agreement. It examines IEA’s current work as well as shape its future analytical outputs. The first session examines opportunities for the IEA in a post-COP21 world with respect to tracking energy sector transformation and clean energy technology innovation and deployment. The second session primarily focuses on assessment of the ambition for the energy sector to limit the temperature rise to "well below 2°C" above pre-industrial levels, and on subsequent IEA work in developing energy sector analysis of options.