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  • Henri Waisman Henri Waisman est chercheur au sein du programme Climat, en charge des activités de recherche sur les trajectoires de  …

IPCC expert meeting on mitigation, sustainability and climate stabilization scenarios - H. Waisman

From 26th of April 2017 to 28th of April 2017, Addis Ababa

UNECA Conference Centre

A speech by Henri Waisman.


This expert meeting is intended to address two challenges: the need to assess the linkages between high-level climate stabilization goals and scenarios on the one hand and the practical steps needed in the short and medium-term to make the realization of these goals possible; and the need to anchor climate responses firmly in the context of development needs.

The meeting is key to preparing for the assessment of scenarios in the 6th assessment report (AR6) and their connection to other types of literature. Addressing these challenges is of crucial importance, as practical steps need to be articulated in ways that are meaningful to stakeholders in government, business and civil society, as they formulate their responses to climate change. The meeting is intended to foster dialogue between different research communities, and to stimulate interdisciplinary research activity that will lead to new literature which can be assessed during the AR6 cycle.