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  • Thomas Spencer Thomas Spencer a rejoint l’Iddri en 2011. Depuis 2008, il collabore avec plusieurs instituts  …

Understanding the current situation after Paris and APA1

From 20th of June 2016 to 21st of June 2016, Phuket (Thaïlande)

An intervention by Thomas Spencer, at the 25th Asia-Pacific seminar on climate change and the post-2020 framework for enhancing transparency. He spoke at the first session, which dealt with post-COP21 and the APA1 (Ad Hoc Working Group on the Paris Agreement - Session 1).


The Asia-Pacific Seminar on Climate Change (AP Seminar) has been held every year since 1991 and has served as a regional vehicle for Asia Pacific countries to build confidence through exchange of views and experiences on climate change issues in a practical manner.

The 25th AP Seminar provides opportunities to share the preparation of (I)NDC implementation among countries in the region, and to discuss how the post-2020 enhanced transparency framework can build on past experiences and support implementation of (I)NDCs.