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  • Julien Rochette Juriste spécialisé dans les questions marines et côtières, Julien Rochette a rejoint l’Iddri en 2007 et est aujourd’hui  …

What governance for the oceans in the 21st century? - J. Rochette

30th of May 2017, Paris

Maison des Océans, 30 May 2017, 2 pm - 6.30 pm

A speech by Julien Rochette during this event organised by the French Institute of the Sea, the Center for Strategic Studies of the Navy and the Oceanographic Institute, with a panel of experts from different backgrounds.


While the new status of the high seas is under negotiation with the United Nations, the question of the governance of the oceans becomes an urgency: what rules, which organisations, which actors for what purposes?

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