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The new challenge of the climate and energy policies integration: the Italian perspective - COP22

17th of November 2016, Marrakech

Italian Presidency of the Council of Ministers

17 November, 5:30-6:45 pm

Blue Zone, Italy Pavilion

In February 2015, the EU Commission launched the Energy Union Framework Strategy to manage the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Integrated national energy and climate plans will be at the core of this new governance system. The plans should set out national contributions to the EU’s 2030 energy and climate targets, as well as policies and measures planned to meet the Effort Sharing Decision.

The side event is focused on the activities that the Italian Government, after the Paris Agreement and in line with the Energy Union Framework Strategy, has decided to undertake on the de-carbonization of the Italian economy issue.

A task force composed by more than 70 experts coming from Public Administration, Research Centers, Universities, private stakeholders is engaged providing a shared analytical basis finalized: 1) to inform the decision makers on the costs and benefits of the different de-carbonization scenarios and effectiveness of the climate and energy policies 2) to strengthen the coordination and cooperation among public administrations and the other public and private stakeholders.

Medium-term specific objectives of the task force are: i) set up an “open source” data base on environmental, economic and technologies information ii) define a coherent chain of modelling tools to prepare the national scenarios and analyze their impacts iii) elaborate an integrated support framework to be used in the preparation of future climate and energy policies and for the assessment of the implications of the EU binding targets.

The event will represent an occasion also for sharing experiences on the same topic with stakeholders active at European and International level.

Institutional welcome:

  • Francesco La Camera, Director General for Sustainable Development, Energy and Climate at the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land & Sea 


  • Mario Motta, Politecnico di Milano
  • Michele Benini, RSE
  • Domenico Gaudioso, ISPRA
  • Henri Waisman, IDDRI
  • Maria Rosaria Virdis, ENEA
  • Milan Elkerbout, Center for European Policy Studies (CEPS)
  • Ray Kopp, Center for Energy and Climate Economics Resources for the Future
  • Keigo Akimoto, Research Institute of Innovative Technology for the Earth