IDDRI mandated to advise French government in preparation for COP 21 in 2015

Press release [13.11.28]

In view of the international conference on climate change, which is to be held in Paris in 2015 (COP 21), Laurent Fabius, Minister of Foreign Affairs, has awarded the Institute for Sustainable Development and International Relations (IDDRI) the role of advising the French government, which will chair the negotiations.

In 2015, France will host the Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 21) in Paris. This conference is a major event that will allow the intensification of efforts from all parties for the negotiation of a new post-2020 global agreement on climate change, and provide the means to achieve the objective of stabilizing global warming to within two degrees.

In this perspective, Laurent Fabius commissioned IDDRI to provide advice and expertise to the French government. Drawing on past experience and involvement in other international negotiations, IDDRI has been requested to submit proposals on the preparation and conduct of these complex negotiations, as well as proposals on the form the final agreement could, or should, take. IDDRI’s role will also include the facilitation of dialogue with think tanks associated with other governments, with the aim of advancing the understanding of climate policies in different countries and building trust. Finally, IDDRI will contribute to the strengthening of the link between the French Presidency of the negotiations and the initiatives supported by research, the private sector and civil society.

To carry out this mission, IDDRI will draw on its expertise and research work, including its evaluation of national low carbon scenarios and of mitigation capabilities for major emitting countries, as well as on its analysis of the national processes for the production of quantified commitment targets for the new agreement. In particular, IDDRI will base itself on the Sustainable Development Solutions Network and the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate.