Laurence Tubiana appointed to the UN Scientific Advisory Board

Press release [13.10.22]

Following the creation of the Scientific Advisory Board of the United Nations (UN), announced by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Laurence Tubiana was among the twenty-six internationally renowned scientists to be appointed as members of this new body on Friday 18th October.

This Board will provide advice to UN entities on issues relating to science, technology and innovation for sustainable development. Specifically, the fields covered by the Board range from the basic sciences, through engineering and technology, social science and humanities, ethics, health, economic, behavioural and agricultural sciences, in addition to environmental sciences.

This is the first such body set up by the UN Secretary-General to influence action by the international community in order to advance sustainable development and to eradicate poverty. It aims at strengthening the interface between science and public policy, so that the latest scientific discoveries are taken into account in the high-level discussions within the UN system. For Laurence Tubiana, this appointment is "an honour and a responsibility, particularly from a 2015 perspective, where governments need to define Sustainable Development Goals and to negotiate a new international agreement on climate".

The Board’s Secretariat will be hosted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). Members are appointed for two years and act as volunteers, their mandate may be renewed once. The first session of the Board will be held in early 2014.

The link below provides a complete list of the members of the Scientific Advisory Board: