Carine Antunes (Outreach Assistant)
Pierre-Marie Aubert (Senior Research Food and agriculture policies)
Nicolas  Berghmans (Research Fellow Climate and Energy)
Aurore Bertinetti (Administrative Assistant)
Yann  Briand (Research Fellow Climate and Energy Policies)
Laura Brimont (Research Fellow New Prosperity)
Lucien Chabason (Senior advisor)
Lucas Chancel (Senior Research Fellow Inequalities and Sustainable Development)
Michel Colombier (Scientific director)
Elise Coudane (Events and Outreach Manager)
Laure Criqui (Senior Research Fellow International urban development)
Lisa Dacosta (Secretary-General)
Tatiana  de Feraudy  (Research Fellow Cities, Digital Tools, Citizen Participation)
Damien  Demailly (Director of the strategic action programme on SDGs & Coordinator of Iddri strategic action programmes)
Delphine Donger (Communications and Media Officer)
Laetitia Dupraz (Management Assistant)
Marion Gourdin (Chef de projet web)
Elisabeth Hege (Research Fellow Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs))
Renaud Lapeyre (Senior Research Fellow Biodiversity and Environmental Services)
Yann Laurans (Programme Director Biodiversity)
Marie  Lecomte (Research Fellow Sustainable Fisheries Management)
Alexandre Magnan (Senior Research Fellow Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change)
Olia Tayeb Cherif
Roberta Pierfederici (Senior Research Fellow Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project)
Aleksandar Rankovic (Research Fellow Biodiversity and Science-Society Interactions)
Teresa Ribera (Director)
Julien Rochette (Director of the Ocean Agenda and coordinator of the strategic action programme on the regional ocean governance )
Oliver Sartor (Senior Research Fellow Climate and Energy)
Mathieu Saujot (Coordinator Urban Fabric Programme)
Lucilia Tanchereau (Administrative Manager)
Olia  Tayeb Cherif (Research Fellow Food and agriculture policies)
Laurence Tubiana (Founder)
Henri Waisman (Senior Research Fellow, coordinator of the Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project)
Xin Wang (Research Fellow - Chinese policies /  HDR)
Glen Wright (Research Fellow International Marine Policy)

Associate researchers

Chris Bataille (Associate Researcher)
Patrick Criqui (Associate Researcher)
Jean-Pierre Gattuso (Associate Researcher)
Andreas Rudinger (Associate Researcher)
Thomas Spencer