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Mathieu Saujot

Coordinator Urban Fabric Programme Iddri
Telephone +33 (0)1 45 49 76 76
Fax +33 (0)1 45 49 76 85
Address Institut du développement durable et des relations internationales
41, rue du Four
75006 Paris

Mathieu Saujot is coordinator of IDDRI's Urban Fabric programme; he is also the coordinator of IDDRI's Club Ville.

Mathieu is an engineer and holds a PhD in economics. His dissertation, completed under the direction of Pierre-Noël Giraud at Mines-Paristech, tackles the question of how economic analysis and prospective simulations can help to plan low-carbon cities. Within this framework, he implemented the land use transport model TRANUS to Grenoble urban area, in order to produce marginal abatement cost curves for transport sector, adapted to the analysis of systemic urban system. He also carried out a critical analysis of planning tools and their ability to reorientate the urban fabric mechanisms in the current governance system.

Since 2010 at IDDRI, he has conducted his research on the issue of energy transition in cities, with the objective to contribute bridging the gap between energy questions and urban issues. He analysed energy poverty policies (housing and mobility); developed socio-technical approaches for analysing ecodistricts projects and the integration of sustainable lifestyles during the design process; described the emergence of energy planning at the local level in France; developed a framework to analyse the contribution of urban modelling to sustainable urban planning. Beyond energy, a research on innovative land policies (leasehold tools), introduced recently in France to make possible affordable housing, is also currently conducted. Finally, he is working on a critical analysis of the "smart city" concept, based on the confrontation to the sustainable city concept, and on an exploration of the smart city from the questions of the production, use and governance of urban data.

He animates IDDRI’s Club Ville, which aims to bring together various public and private actors in order to build a global understanding of the mechanisms of the urban fabric, with respect to questions such as housing, decentralisation reforms, and energy transition.

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