Rajendra K. Pachauri

Chairman GIEC/TERI

Rajendra Kumar Pachauri is economist and environmental scientist of immense repute, Dr. Pachauri is presently the Chairman of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). He is also the Director-General of TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute) – an institute dedicated to sustainable development. R.K. Pachauri was in the limelight recently when IPCC along with the former US Vice President Al Gore, won the Nobel Peace Prize for 2007 and Dr. Pachauri received the award on behalf of IPCC.
Mr. Pachauri did his graduation from La Martiniere College in Lucknow. He started his career at the Diesel Locomotive Works (Varanasi) serving various managerial positions. Dr. Pachauri went to North Carolina State University, USA for higher studies. He did his MS in Industrial Engineering (1972), PhD in Industrial Engineering and PhD in Economics.
Because of his extensive knowledge and expertise, Dr Pachauri has been nominated to innumerable international and national committees and boards. On the international level, he had been the Member of Board of the International Solar Energy Society (1991-1997), World Resources Institute Council (1992), while Chairman of the World Energy Council (1993-1995), President and then Chairman of the International Association for Energy Economics (1988-1990), and the President of the Asian Energy Institute (Since 1992).
Regarding the academic and research institutes, he has served the Trireme Scientific & Industrial Research Foundation (1987), the India International Center (Since 1985), the Administrative Staff College of India, and the India Habitat Center (Since 1987). In recognition of his immense knowledge and understanding in the energy and environment field, the United Nations Development Programme selected Pachauri as a Part Time Adviser in the area of Energy and Sustainable Management of Natural Resources (1994 -1999).
Throughout his career, this learned man has been associated with numerous academic and research institutes. He had been on the Board of Directors of the Indian Oil Corporation (1999-2003), GAIL (India) Ltd. (2003-2004) and National Thermal Power Corporation Ltd (2002-2005). Besides this, Pachauri was on the Board of Governors of Shriram Scientific and Industrial Research Foundation (1987), and on the Court of Governors of the Administrative Staff College of India (1979-81).
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