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Teresa Ribera

Pierre Barthélemy, Marion Gourdin, Carine Antunes

Anna Kiff

november 2016N° 72

COP22: What to look for? What has changed since COP21?

COP22 will open in Marrakesh on the 7th of November with the great news that the Paris Agreement has entered into force, in record time for a multilateral agreement. The diplomatic push to bring it into force showed that the Agreement can create a snowball effect that motivated countries, like the EU, to accelerate their ratification processes. Other signs of that momentum have emerged as well. The Paris Agreement paved the way for two new global climate deals in 2016 to regulate emissions from the aviation sector and the emission of HFCs, so called super greenhouse gasses. This is not to say that all this is yet sufficient (in particular the agreement on aviation is too weak).


COP22 will thus open new era in climate negotiations where implementation will be the main focus of discussions. Now, the critical test will be whether 2017-2018 will be able to demonstrate a critical mass of countries starting to implement their national contributions.

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