Director of publications
Teresa Ribera

Pierre Barthélemy, Marion Gourdin, Carine Antunes

Anna Kiff

july 2017N° 79

G20: Spotlight on cooperation for sustainable development

The G20 under the German presidency will meet on 7 and 8 July in Hamburg. In a context of tension, particularly following the announcement of the US withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, it is critically important that the Heads of State and Government – at least of the G19 and certainly no less – strongly reaffirm their cohesion and commitment to implement the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. As the French President of the Republic and the Minister of Ecological and Solidarity Transition regularly remind us, the transformation of our development models and solidarity towards the most vulnerable countries are prerequisites for peace and the fight against terrorism. To underline the need for coordination and to show how it should be achieved, IDDRI contributed to the preparation of the G20 by participating in the G20 Insights Initiative, a platform bringing together the proposals of around 170 international think tanks, and has contributed to the F20 Platform, an alliance of foundations and philanthropic organizations.

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