Director of publications
Teresa Ribera

Pierre Barthélemy, Marion Gourdin, Carine Antunes

Anna Kiff

october 2017N° 81

Agriculture at the core of the ecological transition: what changes in the sector?

Food security and nutrition, climate change, working conditions, producer and consumer health, value sharing: the European agri-food system faces some major challenges, calling into question not only its economic viability but also its environmental and social sustainability. For many stakeholders, the sector needs to change and to take a central role in the ecological and inclusive transition.

This was the tone of President Macron’s speech in Rungis, midway through the États Généraux de l’Alimentation (national conference on food). It identifies not only the urgent economic and social issues to be addressed today, especially through better distribution of added value, but also the need to integrate these short-term actions into a broader examination of the pathways towards long-term change and the corresponding public policy requirements. Contributing to these discussions, in the context of recent changes in France, Europe and the other major agricultural regions of the world, is central to IDDRI’s work.

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