Director of publications
Teresa Ribera

Pierre Barthélemy, Marion Gourdin, Carine Antunes

Anna Kiff

january 2017N° 74

The SDGs: a shared future… and tools for action

The year 2017 has begun against a backdrop of tension and uncertainty.

The lack of satisfactory solutions to the unprecedented increase in inequalities and in a feeling of downgrading has triggered chain reactions, in particular the temptation to turn inwards, at both the individual and the collective level, which are reflected in the election of Donald Trump in the United States and the Brexit vote. In this context, the European Union and the international community need to promote a new political vision focusing on tackling inequalities, exclusion and – because no development could be sustainable without it – the protection of our environment. This political vision also needs to prioritise cooperation between countries, because without this cooperation, the major problems of the world cannot be resolved, such as tax evasion and competition or climate change.



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