Director of publications
Teresa Ribera

Pierre Barthélemy, Marion Gourdin, Carine Antunes

Anna Kiff

november 2017N° 82

Safeguarding the spirit of Paris: where do we stand and what is at stake at COP23?

COP23 follows another year of extreme weather events, with some impacts once again breaking historic records—massive floods in Central and South Asia, or the recent series of hurricanes in North America and the Caribbean. For the first time, an Island Nation, the Republic of Fiji, is presiding over the COP. Given the particular context coupled with uncertainty on future financial flows, we can expect Fiji to focus on issues dear to coalitions such as the Climate Vulnerable Forum, advocating for a “solidarity package”, encompassing intertwined issues such as finance, adaptation, capacity building and loss and damage. Beyond the symbol of solidarity, the Fijian presidency will have the difficult task to keep the constructive spirit and unity patchwork behind the Paris Agreement (PA) despite the temptation of some to give ground to old divisions. This task hinges on careful climate diplomacy, also by the European Union, since building bridges and enhancing trust between vulnerable developing countries and developed countries is key to higher ambition.

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