Energy transition in power market in France and in the EU

2015 à 2017
Supporting the policy process on electricity market transformation in France, the Central-Western region and the EU.

Background and issues

The power sector is confronted with a rapidly changing environment : rise of renewable energy, slow-down in electricity consumption growth, new technologies, actors and business-models. In response, several policy initiatives emerge at French and EU level to make electricity markets and regulation evolve in order to guarantee the achievement of a sustainable, affordable andsecure power supply.

At the National level, reforms of the renewable support policy and a new governance scheme for energy system evolution emerged from the law on Energy Transition fro Green Growth in 2015.

At EU level, the Clean Energy for All legislative proposal in discussion includes revisions of the Renewable Energy Directive and Electricity Directive and Regulation. They include proposals to increase the role of consumers in power markets and to enhance regionalisation of electricty market and regulation in Europe.

Research objectives

Iddri is supporting this political process by:

  • Animating expert forums at the French and regional level involving key stakeholders (academics, researchers, policy makers, energy companies, NGOs) with the objective to form a common understanding on the challenges ahead and inform current policy debates with science-based analysis. These forum are organized in partnership with Agora Energiewende (French Electricity Policy Seminars and Penta forum) and CE Delft (Penta forum).

  • Production of Iddri studies and contributions to techno-economic studies on relevant topics for the energy transition in the power sector : integration of renewable energy in the system, European power market reform, electricity demand challenges and transition scenarios for the power sector.
Funding and Partners

Research partners: Iddri Agora Energiewende CE Delft

Funding partners: ECF Ademe

Soon to come: a quantitative study on the transition of the French and German power sector in 2030 in their interconnected environment.