2014 à 2017

Conservation and sustainable exploitation of seamount ecosystems and hydrothermal sources in the southwestern Indian Ocean beyond areas of national jurisdiction

Context and Key Issues

The high seas represent 64% of the total surface of all seas and oceans, sheltering an exceptional biodiversity that is now threatened by the intensity and diversity of human activities. The high seas are therefore the ultimate example of a global public good.

While discussions are underway at the UN on the development of a specific legal instrument, regional organisations are gradually expanding their activities on the high seas, with the aim of sustainably managing their resources.


No such strategy currently exists in the Western Indian Ocean, and this project therefore aims to support regional stakeholders in developing a scientific understanding of this environment, as well as a relevant governance framework for the high seas.

Actors and Funding

●        FFEM

●        IUCN International

●        IRD

●        MNHN

●        FAO

●        University of Oxford

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