Which models for agricultural modernization in China?

2011 à 2014

In the framework of a Ph.D. program carried out in partnership with the CERI, Iddri is carrying out in-depth analyses of Chinese agricultural policies, in order to better understand the rationale of political choices, which have to rank priorities among:

  • food security objectives: maintaining self-sufficiency levels for key staple commodities and stabilizing the national food trade balance;
  • rural development objectives: rebalancing economic growth between urban and rural areas, developing employment opportunities and economic conditions in rural areas;
  • environmental protection and consumers’ health: ensuring the sustainability of agricultural resources, improving the management of resources, implementing food safety and nutrition policies.


This research takes into account the consequences of the evolution of international exchanges on political choices and draws conclusions on case studies conducted in local areas.

Duration: 2011-2014

Partner: CERI