IDDRI organises its publications policy around its own collections,  books in partnership (such as Planet for Life, the result of a scientific collaboration with the French Development Agency and The Energy and Resource Institute, and an editorial partnership with Armand Colin for its French edition, Regards sur la Terre) and papers in scientific journals.

IDDRI also publishes studies within the framework of the Club d'ingénierie prospective énergie et environnement [CLIP]: Les Cahiers du CLIP.

IDDRI's own collections are made up of short texts (Issue Briefs and Policy Briefs), working papers (Working Papers) and studies or reports (Studies).

  • Issue Briefs give an analytical insight on ongoing debates and controversies. They can be conferences' reports.
  • Policy Briefs review issues under discussion in international fora and examine controversies, and provide stakeholders with a condensed and precise overview of current debates and draw practical conclusions. Policy Briefs can also be reports of conferences.
  • Working Papers provide documented overviews of relevant questions, in order to fuel current debates. Working Papers can be internship reports, draft versions of scientific papers, background papers for conferences, invited authors' views on specific issues, etc.
  • Studies provide in-depth analyses of a question; they may conclude a research cycle or a scientific mission.