How to make the digital and environmental transitions converge?

Annales des Mines - Responsabilité & Environnement, 2017.


Demailly, D., Francou, R., Kaplan, D. & Saujot, M. (2017). Faire converger les transitions numérique et écologique. Annales des Mines - Responsabilité et environnement, 87,(3), 13-16.


The environmental transition sets an inevitable time frame for our societies while the digital transition is the driving force of our times. The environmental transition has a clear goal but is straining to find a way, while the digital transition is affecting everyday life and impelling change but without any clear collective goal. The one has a goal to reach; the other, a way to go. They need each other! However the agents in these two domains usually move in separate spheres without fully realizing the power for transformation that their convergence would bring. How to make these two major contemporary transitions converge?

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