Financing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

MIT Press, 2017.

Références :

Voituriez, T. et al. (2017). "Financing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development", in Governing through goals - Sustainable Development Goals as governance innovation, ed. N. Kanie & F. Biermann, MIT Press.

Extrait du chapitre [en anglais] :

In this chapter, we explain why crowding in· private finance is now an unavoidable component when designing finacing for global development agreements. After looking at investment needs (section 1), new blending finance facilities (section 2), and public-private partnerships (section 3), we highlight the need and opporttirrtties. for financial partners to bend their learning curve, particularly with respect to successfully mobilizing private sector investment (section 4). We then examine policy implications and look at possible donor interventions that could help narrow the gap between the high expectations placed on public-pri¥ci.te partnerships and what they actually achieve (section 5). We conclude with our key messages.

Présentation de l'ouvrage [en anglais] :

Jn September 2015, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Sustainable Development Goals as part of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The Sustainable Development Goals built on and broadened the earlier Millennium Development Goals, but they also signaled a larger shift In governance strategies. The seventeen goals add detailed content to the concept of sustainable development, identity specific targets for each goal, and help frame a broader, more coherent, and transformative 2030 agenda. The Sustainable Development Goals aim fo build a universal, integrated framework for action thatreflects the economic, social, and planetary complexities m the twenty-first century.

This book examines in detall the core characteristics of goal setting, asking when it is an appropriate governance strategy and how it differs from other approaches; analyzes the conditions under which a goal-oriented agenda can enable progress. toward desired ends; and considers the practical challenges in implementation.

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