Soils on the global agenda – Recent progress and upcoming challenges

Institut de la francophonie pour le développement durable, 2017.


Aubert, P.-M., RAnkovic, A., Bernoux, M. (2017). « Les sols dans l'agenda international - Avancées récentes et défis à venir », inDésertification et système Terre - De la (re)connaissance à l'action, Liaison Énergie Francophonie, n° 105, 2e trimestre 2017, Institut de la francophonie pour le développement durable.



Over the last five years, soils have gained strong international visibility. The issues related to their sustainable management are numerous: fertility and food security, carbon storage or loss, climate change, wind erosion and sandstorms... However, soil conditions are deteriorating all over the world and the measures undertaken insufficient, whether at local or regional levels. In this scenario, what can be expected from the emerging initiatives around the issue at the global level to counter these threats?


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