"Science for the Environment: Examining the Allocation of the Burden of Uncertainty"

N°02/2011. European Journal of Risk Regulation, 2011.

Un article écrit par Elisa Vecchione et publié dans le vol.2/2011 de la revue EJRR - European Journal of Risk Regulation - A journal at the intersection of law, science and policy.

Résumé [en anglais] :

"The aim of this paper is to review the basic literature on scientific uncertainty in its statistical paradigm in order to provide enlightenment on one pivotal facet of the precautionary principle, i.e. the allocation of the burden of proof to demonstrate that an activity is not harmful to the environment. The purpose is not to explain a new theory of statistical inference, but to show how regulatory policymaking that is properly informed by scientific expertise and designed to avoid one type of error, may actually make other errors more likely and thus expose the public to danger. This problem is explained in terms of the conceptual as well as operational conflicts that arise when knowledge about statistical-inferential methods is applied to policymaking. The paper argues that this issue can be resolved by first reconsidering the burden of proof as a burden of uncertainty."

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