Regional Oceans Governance

Programme des Nations unies pour l'environement (PNUE-UNEP), 2016.

Le rapport Regional Oceans Governance Making Regional Seas Programmes, Regional Fishery Bodies and Large Marine Ecosystem Mechanisms Work Better Together propose une revue des mécanismes existants de gouvernance régionale des océans, destinée à aider les pays qui participent à ces mécanismes et ceux qui entendent y participer. Cette étude clarifie les mandats de chacun de ces mécanismes de gouvernance, soulignant notamment les opportunités de coppération, et considère la possible création de nouveaux mécanismes dans le cadre d'une approche dite « écosystémique ».

Extrait [en anglais] :

"Oceans are of vital importance to the international community, not only for their living and non-living resources and the shipping and other maritime uses they facilitate, but also for the key role they play in the global climate and weather system. The marine environment, its resources, and its biodiversity are increasing threatened by human activities, both maritime and terrestrial. Anthropogenic climate change, sea-based and land-based pollution, habitat destruction, introduction of alien species, over-exploitation of non-renewable resources, and destructive fishing practices are among the most serious threats. While each of these threats requires dedicated, separate attention, there is increasingly wide support for more holistic and integrated governance approaches that take account of the spatial dimension and functioning of ecosystems. This paper refers to such approaches as “ecosystem-based management” (EBM)."

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