Regional oceans governance mechanisms: A review

Marine Policy, 2015.

Un article publié dans le Volume 60, October 2015 (Pages 9–19) de la revue Marine Policy, consacré aux enjeux liés à l'échelon régional de la gouvernance des océans et des zones côtières.

Résumé [en anglais] :

"The development of regional governance for the protection of the environment, sustainable use of natural resources and conservation of its biodiversity is unquestionably a cornerstone of international environmental law and policy. With regard to marine and coastal issues, it has mainly been taking place through Regional Seas programmes, Regional Fishery Bodies and Large Marine Ecosystems mechanisms. Based on a similar geographical approach, however, these regional mechanisms raise concerns relating to their coordination and efficiency, and possibly overlap in what they aim to achieve. This paper provides a review of existing regional oceans governance mechanisms, assessing their individual and collective capacities to move towards ecosystem-based management, and highlighting options to make the regional landscape more coherent and effective."

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