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The EU’s 2030 Climate and Energy Framework and Energy Security

Climate Strategies, 2014. 34 p.

Un article consacré au paquet énergie-climat 2030 de l'Union européenne, publié par Climate Strategies, autour des institutions européennes suivantes : Iddri, Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research, Insitute for Structural Research in Poland, Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute, DIW Berlin, Joanneum Research.

Extrait [en anglais] :

"our study argues that there is no magic bullet to improving EU's security of supplies of natural gas, be it shale gas, LNG, internal market infrastructure, greater demand side efficiency or fuel substitution by renewables, etc. A comprehensive strategy of mutually reinforcing elements is essential. This strategy must encompass immediate short-term priorities as well as setting longer term goals. It must also give equal weight to both supply side (e.g. renewables, gas infrastructure, and new sources like shale or LNG) and demand side (e.g. consumption efficiency) options."