Image of Toward Collective Action On International Environmental Governance

Toward Collective Action On International Environmental Governance

Iddri-IHQEDS, 2007. 347 p.
Résumé On International Environmental Governance

This book is edited by Laurence Tubiana (IDDRI) and Philippe Le Prestre (Université Laval) with the support of Benoît Martimort-Asso (IDDRI); published by IDDRI and the IHQEDS (Institut Hydro-Québec en Environnement Développement et Société).

The contributions of this book were given at a workshop held in Paris in 2004 aimed at stimulating a dialogue among academics and practitioners, and at contributing to the policymaking process in the field of international and global environmental governance. After identifying why the existing international environmental governance system is so criticized and why a multilateral approach to solving global problems is necessary, the conference assessed the current state of the debate and the different options available, including their political feasibility.
The program of the conference was divided into three plenary sessions, and parallel sessions, which this book covers:
1 building a common vision
2 going beyond divergent perceptions
3 devising a renewed architecture for the international environmental governance system.
These workshops focused on available tools to build a collective action for an equitable, efficient, and legitimate system of environmental governance, on their limits, on the lessons to be learnt form their implementation and on ways to engineer this collective action.