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What is Needed in the EU’s 2030 Climate and Energy Framework

Climate Strategies, 2014.

Un article consacré au paquet énergie-climat 2030 de l'Union européenne, publié par Climate Strategies, autour des institutions européennes suivantes : Iddri, Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute, CDC Climat, DIW Berlin, Insitute for Structural Research in Poland, Joanneum Research, et Institute for European Studies, Vrije Universiteit Brussels.

Présentation [en anglais] :

"The EU 2030 Climate and Energy Framework presents a number of technical challenges whose solution will be essential to its effectiveness. These include: the question of the role and reform of the ETS, the approach to decarbonisation of non-ETS sectors, and the mechanisms that exist for governing the package of policies at EU and Member State level. This discussion paper presents preliminary results from an analysis of these challenges, as well as proposals that could be included in the package of post- 2020 climate policies."