Agriculture and Food

The Agriculture and Food programme revolves around a key question that is not only pivotal to agriculture and food but which also structures IDDRI’s sustainable development agenda. In light of the challenges of economic, social and environmental sustainability now facing our agricultural and food systems, is it enough to reform our existing systems or do we need to think through a real sea change in the trajectory of the global food system along with the conditions required for such a change?

This question is at the heart of the programme’s activities, which are organised into five components, each of which reflect the specific levers or factors for change:

  • Priorities for agricultural research, to explore the decisive role of changes in research and innovation systems;
  • Global governance and agriculture, to identify what drives change at the scale of international coordination;
  • Changing agricultural policies, to analyse transitions in regional or national sectoral policies;
  • Agriculture and development aid, to support strategic choices in agricultural development;
  • Sustainable food systems, to identify levers for change in the agri-food sectors.

In addition, the focus of the annual publication on sustainable development, A Planet for Life 2012 (out in late March 2012) is agriculture and its relation to development, food and the environment. Titled Towards Agricultural Change?, the book takes stock of the main debates on agriculture at global level and introduces the question of agricultural transition, which is the mainstay of this programme.