Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)

IDDRI has concentrated on integrated coastal zone management (ICZM), a key part of its biodiversity programme, with a particular focus on Mediterranean and Indian Ocean coastal zones, which are currently under increasing threat from the intensity and diversity of human pressures.

IDDRI first followed the development process for the Protocol on ICZM in the Mediterranean and then supported its future implemetation from its adoption in early 2008. IDDRI thus played an important role in the International Conference on ICZM in the Mediterranean, organised in Nice (France) in December under the French Presidency of the European Union. In order to highlight the value of the Protocol in light of the major economic, social and environmental challenges in the Mediterranean, IDDRI prepared and presented two background papers on its importance in terms of both adaptation to climate change and the development of sustainable tourism (two fields of research and action in which IDDRI is actively involved). As the Protocol is likely to come into force in the next coming months (as soon as it has been ratified by six parties), its future implementation challenges must be clarified as early as possible. IDDRI therefore took part in several conferences (International Conference Littoral 2008 in Venice, Roundtable ICZM in Rabat, Global Forum on Oceans, Coasts and Islands) and  developed a project which attempts to identify the Protocol’s impact on coastal laws and coastal zone management systems.

This project, entitled "Protogizc: challenges and opportunities for implementing the ICZM Protocol in the Mediterranean”, receives financial support from the LITEAU programme (French Ministry of Ecology) and the PAP/RAC (Mediterranean Action Plan). Based on a theoretical and practical study of the Protocol, it will identify opportunities for implementing this instrument in four Mediterranean States: Croatia, France, Italy and Syria.

IDDRI is also mobilised on issues concerning the implementation of ICZM in the Indian Ocean. At the request of the Indian Ocean Commission and its ReCoMaP Programme (Regional Programme for the Sustainable Management of the Coastal Zones of the Countries of the Indian Ocean), IDDRI carried out a feasibility study for the adoption of an ICZM Protocol to the Nairobi Convention. This study was examined by the States during the Conference of the Parties in April 2010 that officially launched the process of drawing up the Protocol, which IDDRI will actively support over the coming months.

This research in the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean has enabled IDDRI’s team members to develop specific expertise on ICZM issues and to publish scientific articles in French and English in different journals.