New Prosperity

Faced with environmental challenges, growing inequalities and even the exhaustion of their growth models, the different countries are attempting to develop and to organise the transition towards new economic models and new production and consumption systems. The New Prosperity programme analyses the macroeconomic and technological changes underway, the new business models and citizens’ initiatives that hold promise for sustainability, and the interactions between social equity and environmental protection.

This cross-disciplinary programme, which receives French government financial support that is managed by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche under the “Investments for the Future” programme, is structured around three key areas:

  • New macroeconomic models
    From degrowth to green growth, there are a number of different representations and arguments surrounding growth. Does growth have a future? Can we prosper without growth? Do we need to develop additional indicators to GDP… and for what purpose? Can the new “green” and digital technologies be the drivers of a green industrial revolution?
  • New microeconomic models
    The sharing economy, citizens’ initiatives in energy or transport, crowdfunding for the transition, etc. Can these initiatives contribute to sustainable development, and under what conditions? How do they disrupt the conventional economy and what are the challenges for their dissemination? How can the public authorities support them and steer them without stifling them?
  • Inequality and environment
    The increase in social inequalities requires a response that intersects with environmental questions. To what extent are social and environmental objectives compatible or contradictory? Is it possible to establish a fair, ecological tax system? How can we effectively combat fuel poverty?

>> The issues addressed by the New Prosperity programme are the subject of a seminar organised by IDDRI, in partnership with CIRED, OFCE, the Veblen Institute and the Fondation Nicolas Hulot: The "New Prosperity" Seminar

>> On 12 and 13 July 2013, IDDRI organised at the French Assemblée nationale an international conference entitled "An innovative society for the 21st century" in order to discuss the different challenges for the New Prosperity programme.
Background paper, articles, presentations and videos can be found on the conference website.