Oceans and Coastal Zones

Faced with the multiplication and diversification of human activities in oceans and coastal zones, how can we ensure the protection of marine and coastal environments, the conservation of biodiversity and the sustainable and equitable management of resources?

The Oceans and Coastal Zones Programme strives to identify and promote strategies to address these challenges, focusing on decisive avenues for action, including:

  • the transformation of economic sectors, such as fisheries, which are currently on an unsustainable development path;
  • the evolution of private actors’ practices towards better integration of environmental demands, for example in extractive activities;
  • the construction of management systems—political, legal and institutional frameworks— that help to ensure a better governance of the oceans and coasts, through the articulation between global and regional organisations in particular;
  • the strengthening of linkages between scientific expertise and decision-making processes.

IDDRI therefore takes action on six strategic issues, aiming to:

  1. Promote the conservation and sustainable use of marine biodiversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction (« high seas »)
  2. Strengthen the international regulation of offshore oil and gas activities
  3. Improve the understanding of the relations between Ocean and Climate, and identify options to address the cumulative impacts of acidification and ocean warming on marine ecosystems and associated human activities
  4. Transform the way coastal zones are managed, by better integrating environmental issues and challenges associated with climate change
  5. Ensure the sustainability—economic, social and environmental—of the fishing sector
  6. Implementing the SDG N°14.

"Blue Ocean", a video of the "Ocean Initiative 2015" coordinated by Jean-Pierre Gattuso, research fellow at UPMC/CNRS and associate researcher at IDDRI, and Alexandre Magnan, research fellow at IDDRI.