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World’s vulnerable must be at the heart of a low-carbon transition

Authors : Teresa Ribera et Michael Zammit CutajarWith Climate Home / 11th of May 2016

The impacts of environmental degradation and climate change are not just local, nor do the effects of poverty, injustice and vulnerability remain within national borders.

This is a recent finding. While degradation, poverty, vulnerability have been a constant in human history, we have recently for the first time collectively decided to tackle them and not to leave anyone behind.
2015 has been a very positive year at the international level for commitment to action on climate, food security, the reduction of inequalities and access for all to energy, education, health and social protection.

Now, to implement this transformational agenda, we need to enhance domestic action.

But we also start to wonder to what extent is the international community able to orchestrate a shared response to the challenges faced by the most vulnerable, complementing the responsibility of national authorities towards their societies. [...]

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Une tribune écrite dans le cadre de la conférence "Sustainable development: it’s time!", organisée par l'Iddri les 10 et 11 mai à Paris.