Andreas Rüdinger coordinates IDDRI’s activities on the French energy transition since 2022. He first joined the institute as a research fellow for energy and climate policies in 2011. His expertise covers the multiple aspects of energy transition strategies and policies at the local, national and European level.

His recent work focuses on the governance of climate policies in France, the transition of the power system at the French and European level, as well as the challenges  arising from the energy price crisis and linkage with the low-carbon transition. Since 2020, he also coordinates a national expert platform on energy retrofits in France, in collaboration with the French energy agency Ademe. 
Andreas holds a double Master degree in Political Sciences and International Relations from Sciences Po Bordeaux and the University of Stuttgart. He is a guest lecturer at Sciences Po Paris (PSIA) and ISAE-SupAéro Toulouse, as well as formerly AgroParisTech and HEC Business School.