Marta Torres-Gunfaus is the Director of the Climate Programme.

She is responsible for strategy development, delivery and the management of team, ensuring policy-relevance and impact on the ground for greater global climate action. Marta also contributes to the Deep Decarbonization Pathways Initiative, where analytical and policy support work takes place at country-level.

Marta Torres has more than 17 years of professional experience working in the field of climate change in public, private and academic sectors, both from the North and the South, with the aim of contributing to the transition to prosperous and equitable low-carbon societies. She has extensive international experience leading and participating in policy projects and large-scale research collaborations for philanthropies and governmental bodies. In addition, she served as Head of Climate Mitigation for the Government of Catalonia (Spain). In 2013, Marta became co-Director of the MAPS Programme, a collaboration amongst developing countries employing over hundred experts to establish the evidence base for long term transition to robust economies that are carbon efficient. In 2018 joined the IDDRI team to advance the Deep Decarbonization Pathways (DDP) Initiative in emerging countries and facilitate dialogues between science and policymaking. Over the years, Marta has consolidated an extensive international network of climate and development practitioners.

Marta has been working on projects that focused on diverse aspects of international & domestic energy & climate policy design and economic evaluation, in particular she has extensively worked on formulation of mitigation goals and strategies, for example for the development of (I)NDCs. She has developed sound expertise on mitigation quantitative assessments and policy analysis, along with a notable track record of MRV and accounting-related work.  Marta has built up valuable know-how on developing countries’ dynamics, through theoretical courses and PhD work, and over the on-the-ground experience of the MAPS Programme and the DDP Initiative. Under these, Marta has further matured her leadership capabilities, deepened her know-how on policy- and decision-making, and advanced her research on complex theories & policy implementation and stakeholder engagement.
She speaks English, Spanish, Catalan, French, German and Dutch.