Romain Schumm is a research fellow on international ocean and biodiversity governance. His work focuses on the monitoring and analysis of UN negotiations on the ocean and biodiversity and their transposition into regional organisations and national public policies. Within this framework, Romain specifically analyses : (i) work on the future of the Convention on Biological Diversity, and in particular on how the post-2020 framework integrates "ocean" issues, (ii) the challenges of the implementation of international environmental agreements by national public policies.

Romain is also running a project on blue tourism in three regions of the world (Caribbean, Mediterranean, Western Indian Ocean) aiming to make the practices and governance of the sector evolve towards greater sustainability.

Previously, his work focused on ocean-climate links and on the analysis of offshore extractive activities through a project in West Africa on the environmental management of the sector.

After graduating in international law and sustainable development law at the University of Paris V, Romain Schumm continued his studies at AgroParisTech-ENGREF where he specialised in the analysis and conduct of environmental strategies and negotiations. He wrote a professional thesis on the theory of organisations and their strategic development in the field of the environment. In parallel to his work at IDDRI, Romain is studying philosophy.