Increasing the level of climate ambition


Increasing the level of climate ambition by developing long-term strategies

The transition to resilient and low carbon societies requires the transformation of most economic sectors and even of the very structure of economies. For this, we must understand and anticipate the scope of the potential transformations to be made, their impacts, and the public and private policies to be implemented to induce and accompany this movement.

With this intervention programme, IDDRI seeks to facilitate the transformation of two sectors in priority: electricity and transport.

  • On a French and European scale, IDDRI supports the evolution of the electricity system and informs the debate on the reform of the European electricity market.
  • At the international scale, IDDRI studies the economic and social issues related to the phasing out of coal and political responses.
  • IDDRI also develops transport decarbonization strategies compatible with the 1.5-2°C target.

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Photo © Fré Sonneveld