Linking the digital and ecological transitions


Linking digital and ecological transitions

The digitisation of companies opens up new opportunities for sustainable development as well as new risks. Public and private digital innovators tend to overestimate these contributions, taking the view that digital technology is dematerialised and democratic in essence. As for environmental actors, they are sceptical about the impacts of digital technology, highlighting its ecological footprint and the multiple rebound effects that are associated with its use. What is the reality of the situation? Above all, what policies should be put in place to guide digital technology for the benefit of sustainable development?

The aim of this initiative is to help the public authorities, particularly cities, to develop policies to harness digital technology for sustainable development strategies, especially in terms of consumption, mobility, governance and the financing for the ecological transition.

In this framework, IDDRI conducts case studies on the sharing economy, crowdfunding, urban crowdsourcing, new mobility services and the governance of the “real” digital city for the purpose of drawing up policy recommendations at the French and EU level.

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