Biodiversity and ecosystems

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The degradation of biodiversity and ecosystems is tangible and visible, and people have become increasingly aware of this over the last few decades. Nature protection policies have been implemented, with tried and tested tools. Moreover, the international community adopted a set of common objectives in 2010 (known as the Aichi Targets) within the framework of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD).

But biodiversity and ecosystems are still deteriorating at a rapid pace. It is becoming increasingly clear that for many of the Aichi targets, the trend will not be reversed by 2020. It is nevertheless crucial that biodiversity protection policies, on different levels, are guided by a credible plan of action: this implies preparing a critical analysis of the Aichi targets and reopening strategic options for the post-2020 international biodiversity governance regime, building in particular on the analysis of possible tools for action and their effectiveness.

IDDRI’s project involves linking biodiversity loss to its causes, and ensuring discussions are held on the changes required to alter these causes. This includes, for example, framing debates and negotiations on what it means to cease producing and consuming a given agricultural commodity that is produced by clearing primary forests, and opting instead for a product cultivated without deforestation: is this possible, how, and what changes would be needed?

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