Public conference

An innovative society for the twenty-first century

From 12th of July 2013 to 13th of July 2013, Paris (France)

An exceptional international conference organised by IDDRI, in partnership with Les Échos, under the aegis of François Hollande, President of the French Republic.

Presentation :

"Faced with the possible depletion of their growth models and with the ecological imperative, industrialized societies must transform themselves to ensure the prosperity of their citizens. Innovation is needed to decouple growth from environmental degradation or to decouple growth from prosperity. They must—in a globalised context—create a fertile ground for innovation and the development of new technologies and new economic models.

To discuss these issues and the new models that must be built in the perspective of a crisis exit, IDDRI is organising an international conference with actors from the economic, political, academic and civil society spheres."

  • Format: a day and a half of conferences and debates organised into five plenary sessions
  • Language: French and English with simultaneous interpretation

Provisional agenda :

> Friday 12 July

  • Opening [10.30-11.00]
    - Claude Bartolone, President of the National Assembly (France)
    - Laurence Tubiana, Director of IDDRI (France)
  • Session 1 – Have our models of growth entered into an exhaustion phase? [11.00-12.30]
    Moderation by Laurence Tubiana, Director of IDDRI (France)

    - Robert Boyer, Institut des Amériques (France)
    - Michèle Debonneuil, Administrator at the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies and Inspector General of Finances (France)
    - Andrew Simms, New Economics Foundation (United Kingdom)
    - Nicholas Stern, London School of Economics (United Kingdom)
  • Session 2 – Can we build a post-growth society [14.30-16.00]
    Moderation byDamien Demailly, coordinator of the New Prosperity programme of IDDRI (France)

    - Laurent Baumel, Member of Parliament for Indre-et-Loire (France)
    - Dan O'Neill, Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy (United Kingdom)
    - Jean Pisani-Ferry, Commissariat général à la stratégie et à la prospective (France)
    - Lena Sommestad, former Minister for environment (Sweden)
  • Session 3 – The construction of social innovation [16.30-18.00]
    Moderation by Michel Colombier, Scientific Director of IDDRI (France)

    - Nicolas Colin, Inspector of Finance (France)
    - Stéphane Fournier, Supagro Montpellier (France)
    - Benoît Hamon, Minister Delegate at the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance, with special responsibility for Social and Solidarity Economy and Consumption (France)
    - Rob Hopkins, Transition towns (United Kingdom)

> Saturday 13 July

  • Session 4 – A new global context for innovation [9h30-11h00]
    Moderation by Tancrède Voituriez, Director of the Governance Programme of IDDRI (France)

    - Patrick Itschert, European Trade Union Confederation (Belgium)
    - Dirk Pilat, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (France)
    - Navi Radjou, Strategy Consultant (United States)
    - Teresa Ribera,former Secretary State on Climate Change, Spain
  • Session 5 – What development model for the twenty-first century? [11.30-13.00]
    Moderation by Laurence Tubiana, Director of IDDRI (France)

    - Pascal Canfin, Deputy Minister for Development, France
    - Luciano Coutinho, Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES, O Banco Nacional do Desenvolvimento) (Brazil)
    - Geórgios Papandréou, Former Prime Minister (Greece)
    - Jeffrey D. Sachs, Earth Institute at Columbia University (United States)
  • Conclusion [13.00-13.30]
    - Jean-Marc Ayrault, Prime Minister (France)

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>> See the interview of Patrick Itschert (in French) : "Sortir l'Europe de la crise par l'innovation, la recherche et les investissements"

>> See the interview of Navi Radjou (in French): "L'innovation frugale : faire plus avec moins...!"

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>> See the interview of Georgios Papandreou: "European crisis, an economical and a political problem"

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>> See the interview of Benoit Hamon (in French): "L'économie sociale et solidaire : une économie de niche ?"

>> See the interview of Nicolas Colin (in French): "Les entreprises doivent faire alliance avec les individus pour réussir"

>> See the interview of Jean Pisany-Ferry (in French): "Croissance ou décroissance ? La question est faussée..."

>> See the interview of Michèle Debonneuil (in French): "La croissance nécessite une nouvelle façon de satisfaire les besoins"

>> See the interview of Andrew Simms: "OCDE's countries need a Green New Deal"

>> See the interview of Stéphane Fournier (in French): "Les nouveaux modèles de production et d'échanges dans le secteur agricole"

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