• Aleksandar Rankovic Diplômé en sciences et politiques environnementales, Aleksandar Rankovic est titulaire d’une licence en sciences de la vie  …

Urban Imaginaries of Innovation: Disruptions, Frictions, Stability

From 05th of December 2016 to 08th of November 2016, Harvard University, Cambridge (Etats-Unis)

Aleksandar Rankovic gave a presentation entitled   "Living the street life: Imagining the future of Haussmannian ecosystems".


This workshop is an opportunity for participants of the National Science Foundation-funded project, "Traveling Imaginaries of Innovation: The practice turn and its transnational implications," to come together and share their ongoing research on the sociotechnical imaginaries of innovation at the scale of the city. Participants will present case studies from cities and regions around the world: Bavaria, Barcelona, Boston, Copenhagen, Dakar, Paris, San Francisco, Santiago, and Vienna. The goal of the workshop is to generate comparative insights about the promises of innovation to "disrupt" the status quo and to understand how the implementation of globally circulating innovation best-practices both shape and are shaped by local life-styles, neighborhoods, institutions, and laws.